Saturday, March 10, 2018

KLĒNSKIN - First ever shower on Sun Protection

YES, I KNOW! I also could not believe my eyes when i received the invitation. I was really interested to see what this product does. 

CoLabs Intl Corp has designed KLĒNSKIN, the First and Only SPF 30 Shampoo, Face and Body Wash. Yes, you can shower on your sunscreen now without worrying that you forgot to apply it. Simply Wash, Rinse off, Pat Dry. They offer products for both adults and children. Pictured below is the adults version, it comes in "Fresh Scent" and "Fragrance Free". They also have a KLĒNSKIN Kids shower on sunscreen which comes in "Strawberry Scent", this is great so that you don't have to force your kids to apply on the usual sunscreen anymore. They can go out to play immediately. Double YAY!

Sun protection is very important if your child loves to play in the great outdoors. Soccer, Canoeing, Swimming, etc. We always put sunscreen on our arms, legs and bodies, but have we ever thought about the skin on our head? Yes, our scalp will also get sun damage which can be a painful episode. I remember when I was camping during my secondary school days, I would get sun burn so easily and my skin starts to peel afew days after. And my scalp was very itchy even though I washed my head everyday, so when I scratched, pieces of dead skin comes off. I was so shocked I though I got dandruff.... But turns out that it was my scalp which got sunburned as well and it was peeling. Oh gosh you would have wondered how embarrassed I was when my scalp kept peeling and people thought I got a bad case of dandruff.

If you are wondering if this product is suitable for any skin type, you can be assured that it is suitable for all skin types as KLĒNSKIN was developed by a board certified dermatologist.  KLĒNSKIN has encapsulated oils that leaves skins and hair moisturized. Positively charged encapsulates and delivery system is attracted to negatively charged skin during washing and stays on after rinsing and pat drying.

- Water Resistant
- Paraben Free Formulation
- Infused with Antioxidants and conditioners
Cosmetically Elegant Formulations
- Paraben Free and Hypoallergenic

KLĒNSKIN can be found at EHA Skincare, or EHA Clinic in Shaw Centre. Alternatively, you can  purchase them online on 

KLĒNSKIN and EHA is offering a special collaboration Refreshing Medical Facial - 90 Minutes at $280. You can call them up at +65 6235 3325 / +65 8168 7235 to book your appointment.

Thank you for reading.

Stay Protected. With Love, M

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